Element Track inkl benfäste

Element Track inkl benfäste


Varion för dig som vill kunna se ditt flyg i Goggel Earh. Element finns i tre olika färger. Möjlighet att lägga in waypoints. En vario med många möjligheter. Inklusive benfäste.

You are a paraglider or hang glider pilot who is setting out for your first cross country flights. You want to know where the wind is blowing from, and at what strength during your local joy flights. You are getting into competition flying and will soon fly your first races. You are an experienced pilot who loves simplicity and still wants to know about airspaces in your vicinity.

That makes you the pilot for whom we developed the vario "Element".


  • Keys which are simple to operate even with gloves on
  • Optimized race routes (in preparation, classic route functionality is available)
  • Airspace warnings (in preparation)
  • Connection with every computer, without any software installation
  • Flight data is available right after landing as IGC file