Skywatch Pro Vindmätare

Skywatch Pro Vindmätare


Vindmätare med många funktioner. Robust vattentät konstruktion.



The Windwatch Pro Wind Meter Barometer 

  • Current pressure (inHg or hPa)
  • Graphic pressure trend over 2 to 26 hours
  • Max and min pressure over 2 to 26 hours

Real-Time Clock

  • Current time and date
  • World time
  • Intelligent alarm: recurring day of the week, every day, week-ends only,
    week-days only, specific date


  • Stop watch with two split times
  • Conventional kitchen timer
  • Racing timer

Wind Speed

  • Simultaneous display of instant, average and peak wind speed
  • Average wind speed over a selected period over 0-55 seconds (1 second increments)
  • All standard units can be displayed. Simply press a button and select from mph, knots, Beaufort, km/h, and m/s


  • Ambient temperature
  • Temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Temperature graph – range: 13 min to 26 hr.


  • Wind-chill display based on Old or new calculation method (user selectable)


  • Most advanced compact altimeter available
  • Absolute and relative altitude (ft or m)
  • Altitude Auto-set (patented)
  • New calculation method provides previously unobtainable accuracy (patented)
  • Rate of ascent/descent display
  • Max/min altitude display


  • Relative humidity
  • Max/min humidity
  • Humidity graph – range: 13 min to 26 hours
  • Dew point
  • Max/min dew point
  • Dew point graph – range: 13 min to 26 hours

Additional Features

  • Always turned on design
  • Weather/water resistant
  • Patented wind sensor turns smoothly in the most extreme weather
  • Internal fins channel airflow and protect sensors during use
  • All sensors are fully protected for storage with a integral sliding sensor cover.
  • 1-button press to change between measurement units
  • User calibratable: barometric pressure, temperature, windspeed, moisture and display contrast